About Us


SFS Shield Family Services began as a way and means to provide some measure of safe haven for first responders. Individuals that made a career to defend, protect or care for others but who may find themselves in harms way. Life itself is hazardous, but as a first responder one assumes extraordinary risks to body and mind, not to mention one’s family and yes, even their financial security. SFS was birthed by three uniformed police officers that came to that realization and decided to try and minimize those perils for themselves, their fellow first responders and their loved ones. 

Mental stress, internal or departmental related along with external or day to day job related, additionally with the ever-present potential for legal entanglement can become paramount threats. Given the fact that most first responders’ typical salary structures, they are often forced to live paycheck to paycheck. For that reason, they are likely not prepared for an unexpected loss of income or a “mentally taxing” financial burden. 

With these issues in mind, SFS was created to “fill a need”, “provide relief” and “share the burden” with you and yours. It is a legal liability corporation, duly instituted 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that accepts tax-deferred donations and member contributions with the primary intent those monies be used to “soften-the-blow” if/when that special circumstance arises. To further support first responders SFS Board of Directors shall, twice a year, designate a department “in need” where funds may be utilized in the purchasing of personal safety/emergency equipment. 

Shield Family Services was designed with your well-being in mind, to shield one from on-the-job circumstances that arise in the normal course of duty, but have the potential to totally disrupt one’s plans and futures. Like your job and the service you provide…SFS is here to help! In simple terms…you serve in order to help others. WE SERVE…TO HELP YOU!