How to Become a Member


SFS members must be a “First Responder”.  SFS defines a first responder as law enforcement officers, firefighters and emergency medical technicians.  One must be employed by a municipality or on a county or state level agency.  School ISD or college first responders in the state of Texas can be members.  First responder status can be full time, part time or reserve. 


Membership fees are only $7 per month and entitles the first responder to all benefits listed in the benefits section.  Membership may be paid monthly by credit card, check or drafts from a member’s bank account.  The member may pay up front for six months ($42) or one year in full ($84).  To join please download the application and return via email. SFS shall promptly contact you to set up the program.  

Members Benefits

SFS is there to assist the first responder and family with occupational vulnerability.


o Administration leave without pay.

60% of take home income for the first 3 months.

30% of take home income for the next 3 months.

o Termination while on administration leave without pay.

SFS will still follow through up to 6 months.

o Termination with no administration leave

 60% of take home income for a total of 3 months.


o Administrative days off without pay.

60% of take home income per day up to 1 month.


*Take home income or net wages are defined as income after taxes, garnishes and deductions are removed per pay check*

SFS will be there for the first responder for counseling services.


o Help pay a percentage of counseling costs not covered by member's insurance up to 6 months.

  • 60% of non-covered costs for the first 3 months.
  • 30% of non-covered costs for the next 3 months.

Funding equipment needs.


o SFS has a passion by helping fund departments’ equipment needs.

  • Twice a year, with the help of first responders, SFS’s board of directors will identify and choose a department to help pay for equipment.